viernes, 3 de enero de 2014

Monográfico especial:

Medidas de protección a la infancia con separación familiar: Una revisión internacional.

Psychosocial Intervention 22, nº 3, 2013.

Editorial Comment. Out of home care in child protection: An international overview J. Fdez. del Valle

Overview of out of home care in the USA and Canada
M.  Courtney, R. J. Flynn y J. Beaupré

Child protection and out of home care: Policy, practice, and research connections Australia and New Zealand
E. Fernandez y N. Atwool

The 'dance' of kinship care in England and Ireland: Navigating a course between regulation and relationships
E. R. Munro y R.Gilligan

Out of home care in Norway and Sweden - similar and different
E. Backe-Hansen, I.Højer, Y.E Sjöblom, J.Stor

Different sizes, similar challenges: Out of home care for youth in Germany and the Netherlands
A. T. Harder, M. Zeller, M. López, S. Köngeter, E. J. Knorth

Out of home care in France and Switzerland
T. Gabriel, S. Keller, F. Bolter, M.P. Martin-Blachais, G. Séraphin

Child protection in Italy and Spain: Influence of the family supported society
J. F. del Valle, C. Canali, A. Bravo, T. Vecchiato

The challenge of reforming child protection in Eastern Europe: The cases of Hungary and Romania
R. Anghel, M. Herczog, G. Dima

Current trends, figures and challenges in out of home child care: An international comparative analysis
J. Fdez. del Valle, A. Bravo Arteaga.